The Holy Scripture says that God gives us enough that we would be able to give or share with what we received from His generous hands. Cheerful giving pleases God. (Hebrew 7:7-8)

Your planted seed has a tendency and potential to grow and multiply. Any of your giving in Faith and Truth will necessarily bring in due time a certain fruit and harvest for your good and will necessarily glorify the Lord.

Remember that the beginning of giving is the beginning of receiving! (Luke 6:38)

Therefore, while you are performing your giving to the Lord, we pray that God Almighty will open the heavens and pour out for you such blessings that will be so plentiful that you will not be able to contain it (2Kings 4:1-6)

Starting to sow you will see how your seed will grow and multiply under the prophetic anointing of the Lord. (1Kings 17:11-16)

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